Monday, January 23, 2012


Just now starting to appreciate being "alone".  Actually, the realization came to me a few months ago.  I think it's my time to reboot, re-energize, think and just be.  I like being alone in my thoughts, I like having time to think.  I've also come to realize how strong I am and how much I can do, alone.  I'm amazed everyday at the things I have done, the things I can do.  There was a time that I was so angry that I would accomplish something that was one of Mark's chores and I couldn't fully appreciate that I could do it all by myself.   I'm not saying I like doing it all alone, I'm saying that I've come to appreciate that I can.  It's one of the many lessons Mark's death has taught me.  I'm stronger than I ever imagined. I can be alone and be just fine. 

"I restore myself when I'm alone." ~Marilyn Monroe

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